Logo of a web-based software solution for the adaptation of video content

What is TitleTool?

MoovIT’s TitleTool allows you to adapt videos to specific countries and target audiences. Translate your videos yourself, add subtitles and update logos and visuals. Discover TitleTool’s audio functions, which let you add voiceovers or adjust background music.Whatever your task, complete it in-house with our web-based tool. Your video, your content.

Web-based, agile and cost-effective

Who is TitleTool intended for?

For brands

You work in an enterprise and are looking for solutions to professionally integrate videos into your corporate communications, product information, advertising and signage.

For agencies

You develop creative video campaigns for your clients and want to boost impact and reach through targeted use of various channels.

For production houses

You produce videos and would like to be able to provide your customers with different versions of a video quickly and easily.


TitleTool is designed to empower you to work independently without needing specialist video editing expertise. Complex, time-consuming training courses are not required. All of the tool’s functions are easy to understand and intuitive to use.


When it comes to communication, less is more – and it should be targeted, too! Tailor your video content to perfectly fit your target audience, with personalisation, translations into other languages or by exchanging logos. TitleTool even makes it possible to edit moving text. Whatever your idea, TitleTool lets you make it happen.


Follow the lead of our customers who are already leveraging TitleTool to achieve savings of up to 70% for video localisation, regionalisation and personalisation. With TitleTool, you don’t need to produce your video again from scratch – because you can easily edit it yourself. This approach will save you time, not just money.