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Quickly and easily convert your video into any number of different formats – in-house with our web-based tool.

Here is an overview of which cost- and time-intensive processes are simplified by TitleTool:

Video processing without TITLETOOL

Video processing with TITLETOOL


  • Internal coordination of the video content to be edited, and upload of all necessary data, such as logos, into TitleTool.
  • Briefing of the production company or agency for the required edits to text, logos, subtitles and voiceover.
  • The client sends the assembled video content and input to the service provider.
  • Editing by the service provider and subsequent transfer of video files back to the client for approval.
  • Coordination of corrections and approvals by internal employees.
  • Backup of video files by the service provider or the client.


  •  Internal coordination of the video content to be changed and upload of all required data such as logos etc. in TitleTool.
  • No briefing of an external service provider necessary, because the processing is done in-house.
  • No provision necessary, because all required data is already available in TitleTool.
  • Edit the video directly in TitleTool. No subsequent data transfer necessary.
  • No need to coordinate the release process – the TitleTool takes care of that.
  • No manual backup of the video data necessary, because TitleTool saves automatically.

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