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These customers are already enjoying the benefits of TitleTool!

BSH Home Appliances GmbH

Home appliance manufacturer BSH has been able to significantly reduce its costs compared to traditional processes, as video localisation procedures can now be initiated as and when required, rather than having to plan and produce a ‘stockpile’ of videos in various languages. Video managers in each region can easily access the master video in TitleTool and update it to fit their purposes.

case study BSH/MoovIT 2016

Konica Minolta Europe

The source language of our videos is typically English, but of course there are also countries where English is not so well established. We were looking for a solution that would allow us to localise our videos more effectively, more quickly – and above all, more easily. With MoovIT and TitleTool, we finally found what we were looking for. At Konica Minolta, we have been able to significantly reduce our video localisation costs using TitleTool, while actually now producing a lot more videos.

Stefan Stürmer
Senior Expert Marketing
Communications Digital


Swissinfo publishes video contributions in up to 10 different languages. Especially in the social media area, we work with motion graphics and hard subtitles. Before the introduction of TitleTool, our Journalists we had to copy each text to be translated and then paste it back in the target language. Now we save this copy/paste process completely, as all participants can work directly on the text to be translated via TitleTool’s web interface. The integration of Translationtools facilitates the translation process. In addition, TitleTool is the only tool that offers a right-to-left solution for translating motion graphics into Arabic.
In summary, thanks to TitleTool, we save a lot of time and resources that we use now to create new videos. Less copy/pasting, more content creation!

Carlo Pisani
Video journalist, SWI swissinfo.ch