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A smooth, seamless workflow

The wealth of functions in video editing tools can often be overwhelming for users, which is why so many turn to service providers who are familiar with the software. However, this step costs more time and more money.
With TitleTool, we have created a solution that is so straightforward in terms of its functionality that you can make all the adjustments you need without the help of third parties. Here’s an at-a-glance overview of the TitleTool workflow:


Create users

Create new users and/or user groups and define access rights – for example, for asset managers, translators, administrators and viewers in specific departments, countries or regions.


Upload videos

Video production files are easy to edit – simply upload them into TitleTool.


Define customisable elements

All customisable elements in the project file (e.g. text, logos, voiceover and audio tracks) are clearly defined and made available for editing. These customisable elements are displayed in a video preview.


Create tasks

Assign tasks to users and/or user groups, set deadlines and define the customisable elements that should be edited. TitleTool will automatically notify the pre-defined users about new tasks and deadlines.


Check quality

TitleTool users can check their changes in a video preview. TitleTool automatically notifies the asset manager as soon as a video is ready for them to review. This is followed by final corrections or approval of the video.



You can plan and schedule your video clips in advance and publish them across multiple platforms at the same time. TitleTool supports all common video and social media formats.