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TitleTool is truly versatile


TitleTool enables you to give your video a truly personal touch by addressing users personally or by customising other elements such as graphics. Rather than providing a pure overlay function, TitleTool edits the elements to be customised in the video content itself. Customisations are made manually or through integration to customer databases via fully GDPR-compliant live rendering, i.e. with no storage of personal data.


You can easily translate your video into any number of languages via the audio track and by editing on-screen text – and it’s just as straightforward to localise country-specific logos and other lettering. TitleTool’s clearly defined infrastructure and media administration capabilities help you to maintain an overview of global operations. An automated process simplifies collaboration with both internal stakeholders and external service providers.


Does your enterprise have a branch-based structure where each region has its own unique video content requirements? If so, TitleTool is the perfect solution for you! Adapt your master video to fit the needs of each region by exchanging names, logos and addresses in a matter of clicks.

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