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TitleTool Case Study
Localisation of video content at B/S/H

TitleTool Case Study BSH - Lokalisierung von Videoinhalten


BSH is Europe`s largest manufacturer of home appliances, and one of the world`s leading players in the sector with 14 brands. In addition to global brands such as Bosch, Siemens, Gaggenau and Neff, the BSH portfolio includes popular local brands and labels. The corporation posted annual sales revenues of 12.6 billion euros in 2015, and currently employes over 56,000 people.
It operates an international network of sales and customer service organizations, and has a total of approximately 80 companies in some 50 countries.

Appliances manufactured and sold by BSH include stoves, ovens, cooker hoods, dishwashers, washing machines, trumble dryers, fridges, freezers, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, kettles, irons and hairdryers.


The BSH brands are constantly developing new products. Consequently, BSH communications specialists face the constant challenge of presenting these products to markets across the globe, in a way that is customer-friendly and easy to understand. In this regard, product videos are a particularly popular method; the moving images create a vivid illustration of how products such as dishwashers and fridges work.

However, the accompanying text needs to be adapted into various languages, and visual elements such as logos must be localised for each region. This time-consuming process can also be cost-intensive, particularly if subsequent edits need to be made due to changing requirements.

The goal was to find a faster, cost-effective and flexible solution suitable for use around the globe, so that product videos could be updated more efficiently for international use. A web-based solution seemed the most logical approach.


The BSH product information management team tasked MoovIT with developing a system for the decentralised, web-based editing of language, text and graphics in product videos, so that these could be adapted for international use.

The solution needed to include connections to central communications systems, and take access privileges into account. All relevant BSH product information is managed in a central system , including new and subsequently localised videos.

The solution developed by MoovIT, named Title Tool, communicates with the central BSH system. Consequently, it enables videos to be localised quickly, easily and in line with the specific requirements of each country.

Once a new product master video has been completed, the file and its metadata are uploaded to the product information management system, and to the Title Tool system for further processing. Next, the marketing team at headquarters approves the video for release, and defines which regions should receive access to the file for localisation purposes. This stage of the process requires teams in individual countries to have the necessary access privileges. Video managers in each region are notified that a new video has been prepared, and subsequently inform their translation teams. The translators access the video using the web-based Title Tool, and add their translations via a secure and easy-to-use interface. To perform this task, they only need access to a typical office infrastructure.

An optional additional step allows users to adapt spoken information using a voice-over function. This is because the system also permits decentralised editing of audio tracks. Once all
steps have been completed, a notification is sent to the TitleTool.

The video is rendered and automatically transferred to the product information management system. Management of metadata ensures that each video is correctly assigned, and allows the entire process to be traced within the system.

At this stage, the localised video is available for further use where authorised. Local video and marketing managers enjoy total flexibility in using the video, and can share it across key marketing channels – such as YouTube, social media, websites or as a download in stationary applications – in line with their campaign.

This communications process does not just facilitate the distribution of centrally created product videos. It also allows BSH teams from across the globe to share successful video productions with their colleagues, so that they can employ them for their own purposes.


The goal of this project was to optimise the global video localisation process at BSH. With this in mind, the system design was developed and revised to incorporate all process steps from video production to playout, and formally defined as a written guideline specification.

All relevant stakeholders – including colleagues, agencies and production houses – have received the necessary information and training.

Other important considerations in the design included data security, a seamless connection with the product information management system, and the provision of web-based, automated editing processes.

MoovIT manages the Title Tool system for BSH, provides the corresponding hardware and offers technical support.


This open, scalable system will allow BSH to incorporate as many of their approximately 80 registered languages into the editing process as desired. This flexibility also extends to all of BSH’s brands and products. This flexibility also extends to all of BSH’s brands and products.

The system ensures a consistent, standardised approach to the creation and distribution of product video information.

Master video metadata can be used to define the necessary access privileges and authorisations in each country, even during the video creation process itself.

The solution has greatly increased flexibility regarding the use of videos in participating regions. Decisions on whether to use videos are taken at a local level.

The solution enables BSH teams to share product information videos throughout their organisation, right across the globe.

BSH has significantly reduced its costs compared to the traditional process, as video localisation procedures can now be initiated as and when required, rather than having to plan and produce a ‘stockpile’ of videos in various languages.

As a result, master videos are completed far more quickly, and local managers enjoy flexibility when planning their campaigns. Video managers can use the Title Tool to access the master video – easily, and in line with their local situation and needs. In just a few hours, they can update the video to fit their purposes.

System implementation is successfully underway in Europe. In the medium term, all BSH sites and brands across the globe will be incorporated into this system – giving the entire BSH organisation access to this efficient localisation solution for product information videos.