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Speech-to-text and text-to-speech now make video translation even easier

Are you still typing or is your video already running? With TitleTool you save yourself from typing and pasting your video texts. Thanks to the new features “Speech-to-Text” and “Text-to-Speech” you save time and nerves when translating videos.

How does it work?

Upload your master video to TitleTool and have the audio track automatically converted to text. Then you choose the language you want your video to be translated into. Now TitleTool first translates the text into the selected language – either automatically via DeepL or manually.

Then TitleTool can create a new language track from the translated text sections. The voice for this can either be modeled on the original or a different voice can be selected in the tool.

What are the advantages of Speech-to-Text?

The benefit, of course, is the immediate time savings. In the time that would normally be needed to convert the spoken text into a written text can be used for other things. This allows more videos to be edited in the same amount of time. More time, more content, more traffic.

In addition, the handling is much easier. Work steps are eliminated where mistakes could be made. Automated text creation minimizes manual sources of error. Less errors, higher quality, more traffic.

What are the benefits of text-to-speech?

Here, too, the focus is on saving time. Moreover, there is no need to budget for a qualified speaker, because the translated text can be automatically converted back into speech. No separate software is needed to record the soundtrack, because TitleTool makes use of a selection of digitized voices. This is how you translate videos faster, cheaper and better.

Optionally, the corresponding subtitles can be added. TitleTool also generates the appropriate srt file automatically.

What does that mean in summary?

With the new features, TitleTool reaches the next level of video translation. The progressive automation of individual work processes is the next logical step towards video accessibility. What does that mean in this context? TitleTool helps overcome language barriers, increase the availability of video content, and provide subtitles for hearing-impaired people.

A good step in the right direction.

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