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A milestone for inclusive language – SWI swissinfo.ch wins IBC’s Social Impact Award

The International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) has honored our TitleTool client SWI swissinfo.ch with the Social Impact Award for its data-driven promotion of inclusive language in a ten-language digital newsroom. This award marks an important milestone not only for the organization, but also for the media landscape as a whole. 

The path to inclusion

In 2022, SWI swissinfo.ch, the international, ten-language service of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC), set itself the goal of consistently avoiding use of the generic masculine. The organization regularly assesses the use of inclusive language in texts, videos and photos on their website and in their posts on social media platforms. SWI also follows the BBC’s “50:50 Equality Project,” launched in 2017 with the aim of achieving gender equality in their content.

Why it matters

Inclusive language goes far beyond just “gendering.” It has implications for society and how we think and speak about different populations. Without this intentional use of inclusive language, groups are rendered invisible, underrepresented, or distorted, which can lead to stereotyping, racism, and discrimination.

Global perspective

Globally, women are still grossly underrepresented in media coverage. The gender ratio of men to women is 80% to 20%. In Switzerland, the average representation of women is about 23%, with ratios varying by topic and media publication.

Conclusion & role of TitleTool

SWI swissinfo.ch’s award from the IBC is more than recognition for hard work; it is a call to all media organizations to take diversity and inclusion seriously. Jo Fahy, Head of Formats and Distribution at SWI swissinfo.ch, and Director Larissa M. Bieler see promoting inclusive language as a duty for all media organizations.

New technologies can play a key role in its implementation: TitleTool enables SWI to implement textual changes in their videos on short notice and without much effort. So, software solutions like these, increase feasibility and thus encourage the media world to communicate more inclusively.

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