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Multilanguage content marketing – what is it actually and how does it work? 

Multilanguage means – as the name suggests – “multilingual”, i.e. it is about content marketing in several languages. By contentful it is meant that this form of marketing brings an added value for the target group. For example, it can be information that relates to the entire industry or a specific product group and is made available to the consumer free of charge and provides him with an immediate benefit. The most common formats to deliver this content are blog articles, whitepapers and of course videos.

Once the content is in place, it “only” needs to become multilingual

Once the valuable content has been compiled, it should be distributed in several languages. And preferably simultaneously, i.e. without long delays between the individual country-specific campaigns. To achieve this, it is essential to find a way of transferring the content once it has been created, whether text, image or video, into other languages within the shortest possible time. However, a mere translation is often not enough; image elements such as logos or entire graphics often have to be exchanged so that they are suitable for the target country. In some cases, this also involves moving elements. This is where in-house marketing often reaches its limits and agencies are called in to handle the adjustments for each individual country variant. It goes without saying that this can be a major cost factor.

What if we said that from now on you can make better use of this budget and that once you have created content you can easily adapt it yourself via a web-based tool?

Would you like to try it?

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