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Eine Nutzerverwaltung für die anpassung von Videoinhalten

Who is TitleTool for?

TitleTool – the online video editing tool

TitleTool is suitable for all users who want to edit the content of their videos online quickly and easily. TitleTool is a truly unique online video editing tool, as it supports all Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects functions. Do you want to easily edit Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects projects yourself? YES, of course you do! And now, it’s easier than ever before.

Are you unsure whether your agency or internal video editing teams work with Adobe After Effects or Premiere Pro? Ask and find out!

What special skills and knowledge do I need to use TitleTool?

None at all! You don’t need to have any knowledge of how to create and edit videos using Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects. Our online video editing tool greatly simplifies these Adobe applications for you. Users such as translators and content managers can start working with TitleTool straight away, without requiring extensive training. Designs, text animations and more are defined initially by Adobe After Effects or the Adobe Premiere Pro Editor, and can then be adjusted or localised with ease in TitleTool without any risk of errors. So don’t worry about customizing or localising the design or animations in your videos; instead, you can spend more time focusing on your content. You can edit the text and subtitles in your videos easily, independently, and in real time.

TitleTool lets you work in centrally organised teams, with both internal and external colleagues. You can work together to produce your videos and then make any necessary edits and localisations. TitleTool means you no longer have to produce videos in advance; instead, you can simply edit and localise them just in time, whenever you need to!

Can I use TitleTool to edit the sound in my videos?

TitleTool also makes it incredibly easy to edit other content elements in your videos. Would you like to add an English voice-over to your video, for example? Simply upload your English-language audio recording to TitleTool and add this file to your video. TitleTool’s automated functionality takes care of everything else, adjusting the background music and other sound effects where necessary.

Here are a few more details about the system:

TitleTool can be connected to a wide range of local CMS platforms via the cloud, and offers support for video hosting and worldwide distribution via CDN. The tool also lets you create embed links that can be integrated into your websites. With just a few clicks, you can centrally manage the distribution of your videos – wherever you are located.

Our TitleTool online software has many more exciting features and functions. Our team would be happy to talk you through TitleTool’s capabilities in a video call – so get in touch today!


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