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Use TitleTool to complete and organise your video localisations and translations online

Video localisation and translation

Video translation and localisation, made simple

Video localisation is about more than just translation!

To localise a video, you need to do more than simply translate it. Translation is the process of adapting text and voice elements in your video into different languages. However, there are often other elements to consider in a video; for example, you may also need to update the video’s graphics, animations, logos or domains.

Missed opportunities in video communications

Even though this is the key to targeted, effective video communication, many companies do not embrace this challenge. They choose not to take creative approaches that are actually quite straightforward to implement; instead, they create videos with reduced content, or with no text at all. Some enterprises may not yet be aware that with TitleTool, we have created an easy-to-use web-based tool that makes it a great deal simpler to leverage videos in international marketing communications. The benefits of this tool are huge due to the broad range of areas where it can be deployed, and the costs are far lower than for conventional (translation) processes, as no additional production effort is involved.

The key players

Last but not least, TitleTool makes it easy to distribute tasks. The TitleTool system supports in-house video editing, but also allows for the integration of agencies or translation companies. Added value is created in every scenario; the only question is where it is generated and who would like to benefit from it!

Overlaying versus TitleTool

There are some key differences between overlaying and TitleTool. The overlay technique can be used for typical on-screen captions with their corresponding translations. But what happens when you also need to translate moving content elements such as speech bubbles, text in animations, or domains? In these cases, there are more elegant solutions available than pure overlaying. TitleTool allows you to edit and localise these elements in the video content itself, rather than using overlays or captions.

Video localisation with TitleTool

The procedure is always the same – and it’s simple, too. The master file produced in Adobe Premiere or After Effects is uploaded to the TitleTool system. The user receives a web-based notification of this upload and signs in. After selecting the required language, the user is automatically guided by the system to the relevant passages of text. This content, including logos and other visual elements, can then be translated directly in the video itself. The video is only distributed – automatically, of course – after it has been approved by the key decision-makers.

Benefits for brands, agencies and translation companies alike

Various user groups can benefit from TitleTool technology. These include: media experts in companies who want to simplify and boost the effectiveness of their video communications; agencies who wish to open up more lines of communication for their customers; controllers who would like to save on expensive production costs, and translation agencies looking to expand their service portfolio. The attractiveness of TitleTool goes beyond pure translation – because if a business is implementing a video communications strategy where ‘content is king’, its success will depend on the localisation of all content elements.

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