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Die Integration von DeepL in TitleTool übersetzt Texte in Video jetzt sogar automatisiert. Ersetzen von Bild, Ton und Schrift mit TitleTool.

TitleTool now translates videos automatically via DeepL

Unbelievable but true – TitleTool supports its users not only in the technical replacement of image, sound and font of a video. The web tool goes one step further and even translates texts automatically. Thanks to the integration of DeepL into TitleTool, it is now possible to use the AI-based Online Translator! TitleTool is now able to translate texts into more than 25 foreign languages.

How does it work?

As soon as the source video has been uploaded to TitleTool, any number of variants can be created. The user determines the language into which the video is to be translated. To do this, he specifies whether he wants to enter the translated texts manually or whether DeepL should do it. If the user selects this option, TitleTool automatically takes over communication with DeepL in the background. As soon as the video has been adapted, the user can of course check the result and make changes.

What are the advantages?

The integration of DeepL into TitleTool saves an incredible amount of time. Texts can be translated web-based within seconds. This in turn shortens the duration and costs of such a video adaptation. And this saving even grows with the number of language variants.

What are the disadvantages?

There are, of course, critics who doubt the quality of online translation tools. And it is true that these tools do not replace experienced translators. Rather, their work is made easier with an initial AI translation. On the whole, a saving of time and money is achieved – if DeepL is used complementarily. DeepL is not one of the most widely used web-based translation services for nothing and is enjoying growing popularity. In many reviews, DeepL performs significantly better than GoogleTranslate.

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