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Optimize your ROMI - Return on Marketing Invest

Optimize your ROMI – Return on Marketing Invest

“Marketing is not a cost, it’s an investment!”. Strictly speaking, it’s an investment in brand awareness, customer relationships or brand equity. But in many companies, marketing is still seen as a cost factor. Therefore, it is also occasionally necessary to prove the value of a marketing activity. One way may be to determine the return on investment of marketing investments, or ROMI.

How to calculate the ROMI?

The ROMI is calculated by taking the share of sales attributable to marketing. ROMI is not like the other “return-on-investment” metrics because marketing is not the same type of investment. Often, marketing investments are initially recorded as operating costs. This includes, for example Agency costs, advertising placement, pricing, etc. In addition, revenue is adjusted for the cost of the product or service sold. Accordingly, the formula looks like this:


If the ROMI is positive, this is a sign that the marketing activity has led to more sales. Not only that, but with a ROMI above 1, you can assume that so much more was sold that the marketing investment was even berkompensated.

How to optimize the ROMI?

Marketing investment, of course, includes investment in video marketing. The maintenance of YouTube channels, IG TV or other video channels constantly generates costs. These arise either from the conception of the video content or from the production itself. Often, the duplication and creation of diverse variants is also a major cost driver. These are mostly video variants in different languages or different formats. The content itself remains the same, but must be adapted. There is great potential for savings here. And with that, a great opportunity to reduce the ROMI of video marketing.

How does TitleTool contribute to this?

The easier and less expensive it is to provide marketing-relevant videos in diverse languages and formats. The more opportunities open up for the use of video content and the more likely it is that sales will increase. MoovIT’s TitleTool can do both: simply adapt videos web-based, at a much lower cost than a new production. On the one hand, this opens up new opportunities for the worldwide distribution of video content, and on the other hand, it directly reduces production costs. Both have a positive effect on the ROMI. TitleTool thus helps to optimize the return on marketing investment.

What are you waiting for?

Bring your ROMI into the green zone – with TitleTool!

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