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Cross-Platform Video Advertising

Cross-Platform Video Advertising – Obstacles & Opportunities in Video Marketing

Reels, storyposts & videos – the new form of video advertising is reaching more and more channels and platforms. The drivers of this development are above all the new generations. Mobile devices, Instagram, TikTok and Co. have long since secured the advertising channels of the coming generations. However, as the possibilities of the modern age grow, so do the challenges for advertisers. In order not to lose advertising impact, the heterogeneous entity must be considered as a whole. For cross-platform video advertising to be effective, content planning and digital metrics need to be combined – high time to build bridges between these worlds.

The challenge in cross-platform video advertising: more channels, more formats, more languages, more target groups

This requires fast and simple workflows in the fast-moving and viral online marketing. And this is precisely the difficulty of cross-platform video advertising. The social media managers have to bring the particularly effective video content into different formats and lengths. Oh, and then there were the target groups. LinkedIn’s business-focused video content was something Instagram users just wanted to skip over quickly. It is therefore important for each individual target group to play on the appropriate platform according to their tastes. A task that manually costs too much time and personnel. So a solution for partial automation is needed!

The solution: everything with one tool? TitleTool!

Numerous online marketing tools offer this partial automation at the content level. This means they provide assistance in relation to the video content specific to the target group. Content is king. Easy-to-understand apps are also happy to help with design. But the work is not done yet. Only when the content created is available in the right language and in the video format required for the respective platform does cross-platform video advertising become a reality. possible. This is where the TitleTool comes into play! Once the content has been created, the video file can be converted into all possible languages and formats – logos, slogans and sounds can be stored and automatically exchanged in the desired language variant. This way, you can implement cross-country and cross-platform campaigns with just one master video. And that within a very short time!

Are you ready to take your video marketing to the next level? We are!

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